NaNoWriMo Auto Polls (an unofficial tool)


October 22, 2013: the polling tool has now been updated, though it currently works only with the "multi" option and not with the "single".


This is the home of the tool that automates the collection and summary results display of polling data in nanowrimo forums. For example:

To create a poll, make your post in one of the NaNoWriMo forums. Follow a format similar to this:

Please answer the following question by submitting your choice(s) with the form

  VOTE="place your answer here".
Question: put in your question here
  • answer #1
  • answer #2
  • ... (etc)

Note that you must use the form VOTE="answer" (where you replace answer with your answer--it's important that VOTE is capitalized and that your answer is contained within double quotes). This is an autopoll.

Tip: Ask people to elaborate on their votes--makes for a better thread.

Once you've outlined your answers, you can push the Source button to add the graph information. Note that you will need to replace your-IDENTIFIER with the short string you are planning to use. Make sure it isn't a string already being used.

<a href=""> <img src=""> </a>

Note that with the WYSIWYG editor, you must be in Source mode to enter the HTML graph image; and with the current bug with images, you need to submit immediately from Source mode--do not go back to WYSIWYG editing mode, do not preview.

Note that if you select multiple choices accepted below, each respondent can select more than one selection. If a respondent posts more than once, only the latest choice will be reflected.

To vote for multiple options, put more than one VOTE="option" in a post. E.g.,

VOTE="eating dinner"
VOTE="running around with scissors"
VOTE="lying down on the grass and gazing up at the stars"
All three of these votes would be registered.

To overwrite earlier votes, just vote again with your new choice. Other posts you make without votes won't impact your earlier vote.

Create a new poll

Note: fill out this form after you have completed your post; you can then go back if needed to edit your post if you missed anything. IMPORTANT: most participants in most forums no longer have permissions to edit their thread post. Forum moderators and ML's for their own regional forums still have that permission.

Forum URL: This is the full URL of your post thread. E.g.,
Unique identifier This is a unique string (alphanumeric characters only, no spaces) to identify your poll.
Allow options


Finished with your poll?

Send NaNoMail to NewMexicoKid to let me know that your poll doesn't need to be refreshed anymore. The results image will remain in place forever.

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About this tool

This tool is brought to you by NewMexicoKid, co-ML of Illinois::Naperville. A cron job scans each submitted poll every 15 minutes to refresh the generated results image you have included in your poll. See our local cafepress store (sales support the local Illinois::Naperville events).

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